Preparing for an Initial Consultation with a Lawyer

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This guide should pro­vide you a few basic tips when meet­ing a lawyer for an ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion and what you should expect in the ini­tial consultation.


What is the cost of the Ini­tial Consultation

Many attor­neys offer free con­sul­ta­tions. They usu­ally limit these free con­sul­ta­tions to 30 min­utes to an hour. How­ever, some attor­neys charge for their ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion. They range gen­er­ally from $100 to $500 depend­ing on the area of law and expe­ri­ence of the attorney.


Be Pre­pared for the Consultation

Remem­ber this is your oppor­tu­nity to tell this new attor­ney your sit­u­a­tion or side of the story. You will have to tell the attor­ney the who, what, why, where, and when. Prior to meet­ing with the attor­ney, write down all of the details about the sit­u­a­tion while they are fresh in your mem­ory. Also, write down any ques­tions you may have for the attor­ney. Some­times when you are meet­ing with the attor­ney you for­get some of the details and ques­tions and hav­ing them writ­ten down can save both you and the attor­ney time. Also, bring any writ­ten doc­u­ments regard­ing the case which you want the attor­ney to look at. Remem­ber time is lim­ited though and espe­cially if the con­sul­ta­tion is free attor­neys have to draw the line some­where on what they need to accom­plish in the con­sul­ta­tion. They may have to ask you sev­eral ques­tions in order to get a good sense of the case and to deter­mine if they want to take your case.


As always, none of this infor­ma­tion con­sti­tutes legal advice nor should you use any of this infor­ma­tion con­tained in this post­ing with­out con­sul­ta­tion with your own lawyer.  There may be sig­nif­i­cant other fac­tors involved in your sit­u­a­tion which have not been dis­cussed above.  By read­ing this post­ing, you have not cre­ated an attorney-client rela­tion­ship with the Law Offices of DeDecker & Meltzer LLP.  In order for such rela­tion­ship to exist, would require a signed Attorney-Client Fee Agree­ment between the parties.

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