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Case Results

U.S. Bank­ruptcy Court – Sacra­mento, California

We rep­re­sented a client with debts exceed­ing $100,000 includ­ing credit card debt, unpaid med­ical bills and other con­sumer debt.  We filed a Chap­ter 7 Bank­ruptcy Peti­tion in the U.S. Bank­ruptcy Court.  The debts were dis­charged and our client was able to remain in her home and keep her auto­mo­bile.  The entire Chap­ter 7 Bank­ruptcy was com­pleted in approx­i­mately 4 months

Crim­i­nal Defense

San Mateo County Supe­rior Court – Red­wood City

Our client was charged with 7 Felony Counts of ID Theft, Com­mer­cial Bur­glary and Petty Theft with pos­si­ble penal­ties to include a lengthy state prison sen­tence.  After nego­ti­at­ing with the Dis­trict Attorney’s Office, we were able to resolve the mat­ter with one felony for each count charged.  The client was to serve 120 days county jail time and was eli­gi­ble to par­tic­i­pate in the county work program.

San Mateo County Supe­rior Court – South San Francisco

Our client was charged with Dri­ving on a Sus­pended License, which was a Mis­de­meanor, Dis­play of Fake Reg­is­tra­tion Tags and Speed­ing.  We nego­ti­ated with the Dis­trict Attorney’s Office to reduce the charges to a sim­ple infrac­tion and a penalty of less than $300.

Con­tra Costa County Supe­rior Court – Richmond

Our client was charged with 12 Felony counts, which included: Evad­ing the Police, Grand Theft Auto, Felon in Pos­ses­sion of a Firearm and an addi­tional Enhance­ment for Prior Felony Strikes.  Our client was fac­ing a pos­si­ble third felony strike, which would have resulted in a life sen­tence.  We were suc­cess­fully able to reduce the charges from 12 Felony counts to 2 with a dis­missal of the remain­ing 10 counts.  The enhance­ments were also dismissed.


Marin County Supe­rior Court

Case Set­tled May 2012 – Prior to hir­ing our law firm, a $2.4 Mil­lion Judg­ment was entered against our client. The Plain­tiff was in the process of exe­cut­ing on the judg­ment.  After hir­ing our law firm, the par­ties involved agreed to medi­ate the case.  At the medi­a­tion, we reached an agree­ment where our client was not required to make any pay­ment on the judg­ment and the Plain­tiff agreed not to exe­cute on the judgments.

Santa Clara County

Our client owns a small busi­ness and holds a con­tract with a large national retail store requir­ing the retailer to make monthly pay­ments to our client.  The large national retail store was delin­quent in pay­ments along with con­sis­tently pay­ing late.  After hir­ing our law firm, we devel­oped an aggres­sive strat­egy to secure all out­stand­ing money for our client and ensure that all pay­ments would be received in a timely man­ner.  In less than two months, our client received over $60,000 in out­stand­ing monies.  Addi­tion­ally, dur­ing the remain­der of the con­tract period all pay­ments were made punctually.


These case results should not be con­strued as a guar­an­tee nor should you apply your sit­u­a­tion to any of the cases men­tioned on this site.  Each case has its own spe­cific facts and you should con­sult with a lawyer regard­ing your situation.


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