Do I need to hire a Lawyer or can I han­dle my case myself?

The deci­sion to hire a lawyer is an impor­tant one. Tech­ni­cally speak­ing, you may be able to rep­re­sent your­self in most court pro­ceed­ings. This is known as rep­re­sent­ing your­self In Pro Per. How­ever, in most cases, the judge is required to inform you that if you choose to pro­ceed In Pro Per that you will be held to the same legal stan­dards as an attor­ney. This means that you will be expected to fol­low all rules of evi­dence and civil pro­ce­dure which apply. The judge is under no oblig­a­tion to “give you a break.” Addi­tion­ally, you should con­sider that the other side has a lawyer who has been trained in rules of evi­dence and civil pro­ce­dure. It is likely that if you fail to prop­erly fol­low all the rules of evi­dence or civil pro­ce­dure that the oppos­ing attor­ney will bring those mis­takes to light. This could neg­a­tively impact your case and you may be bound by your mis­takes. There­fore, even if you later hire a lawyer to help you, they may not be able to undo any mis­takes that you may have made.

Can I afford to hire an attor­ney to help me?

Many peo­ple are afraid to con­tact a lawyer because they believe that they will not be able to afford legal rep­re­sen­ta­tion. You may have heard that many law firms charge thou­sands of dol­lars up front prior to start­ing your legal case. At our law firm, we pro­vide rea­son­able pay­ment plans for our clients. We under­stand that hav­ing afford­able legal fees is impor­tant to our clients. There­fore, in most cases, our office pro­vides a free ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion. At this con­sul­ta­tion, your attor­ney will explain to you all legal costs and develop a work­able pay­ment plan. We have no hid­den fees.

Do you work week­ends and evenings?

Many peo­ple need to be able to reach their attor­neys at night and on week­ends due to their work sched­ule. Our law firm under­stands the impor­tance of con­ve­nience for our clients. There­fore, we work week­ends and evenings. Once you hirm our law firm, you will receive your attorney’s direct cell phone number.


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