• Advocates in Your Corner

    What does it mean to have Advo­cates in Your Cor­ner? It means there are attor­neys on your side who will fight for your rights. You should not under­es­ti­mate the impor­tance of your lawyer and their role in your case. Our law firm val­ues our role as your lawyer and we strive to meet your case objec­tives by aggres­sively advo­cat­ing on your behalf. We are Advo­cates in Your Cor­ner!

  • Bridge to Resolution

    What does the Bridge to Res­o­lu­tion mean to you? The Bridge to Res­o­lu­tion is the process in which your legal case trav­els from the issue that is caus­ing you great headache or con­cern to your desired goal or a fair res­o­lu­tion. Our law firm is the com­po­nent you need in build­ing a Bridge to Res­o­lu­tion.

  • Excellence in Representation

    What does Excel­lence in Rep­re­sen­ta­tion mean to our law firm? It means our law firm under­stands that your legal case is extremely impor­tant.  As a result, we work with pas­sion to try and meet your case objec­tives. We under­stand that your case is unique and what you need is a ded­i­cated attor­ney who is always acces­si­ble to dis­cuss your case. Your case needs and deserves Excel­lence in Rep­re­sen­ta­tion.


Civil matters are some of the most common issues people face in their everyday lives. They may be something you encounter at home, at work, at your business, or at the grocery store. However, despite being common, these matters can be very serious and require a great deal of technical skills to navigate.


Criminal cases are those cases where an individual is suspected or accused of a crime. In these cases a local police department or sheriff’s agency will investigate the matter. This investigation process usually includes talking with witnesses, the alleged victim and gathering any physical evidence.


Family Law cases govern the relationships of families. Common types of family law cases are divorce (referred to as a dissolution of marriage case), separation, paternity, child custody, child support, guardianships, and conservatorships. Each type of case is unique and requires a thorough analysis of the situation.


In the law a juvenile is defined as a person who is not old enough to be held responsible for criminal acts nor are they able to protect themselves. In most states and on the federal level, this age threshold is set at 18 years. Juvenile courts generally have authority over categories of children who are accused of criminal conduct and juveniles who are neglected or abused by their parents.


Bankruptcy laws help people who can no longer pay their creditors get a fresh start – by liquidating assets to pay their debts or by creating a repayment plan. Most cases are filed under the three main chapters of the Bankruptcy Code – Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13. Federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction over bankruptcy cases. This means that a bankruptcy case cannot be filed in a state court.


Federal immigration law defines whether a person is an alien. Additionally, federal immigration law determines the rights, duties, and obligations associated with being an alien in the United States. The law also provides how aliens gain residence or citizenship within the United States. Some aliens may become legal naturalized citizens with full rights of citizenship. Immigration law serves as the primary gatekeeper for the nation's border, determining who may enter, how long they may stay, and when they must leave.

How can Dedecker and Meltzer help you?

At the Law Office of DeDecker & Meltzer, we have one primary goal: to make legal services accessible to our clients. We accomplish this goal by giving our clients easy access to their attorneys via telephone, fax and email. We have found that our clients like being able to have a question answered in a timely manner. Our partners discovered early on in their legal careers the problems with working with big firms. They constantly heard about how clients were frustrated that they could not speak with their attorney or that it was difficult to get any response from their law firm. We work extremely hard to give our clients what matters most which is good reliable advice when you need it. Each partner saw firsthand the problems in working in a big firm environment where each client was more like a number in the firm’s billing system rather than a client with a real life matter needing legal help. That is why Michael DeDecker and Ross Meltzer formed the Law Office of DeDecker & Meltzer LLP. It’s a simple vision but an important one to Mr. DeDecker and Mr. Meltzer: make sure our clients receive the attention they deserve. We have found that our clients are happy when they are explained the process which they will be facing.

Have you ever had problems getting in touch with your attorney? Or did you ever sit waiting by the phone waiting for your attorney to call you back to answer your question? We work hard at our firm to eliminate these problems. We know your legal matter needs attention and we will give it to you. Part of how we make our legal services accessible is by taking cases in the entire Bay Area and Sacramento. If you have any questions about whether we will take your case contact our office for a free consultation. We also believe that our offices conveniently located in the heart of San Francisco and Napa allows our clients to have a variety of locations to discuss their legal matters. Furthermore, our attorneys handle legal matters in a wide range of areas including civil litigation, criminal matters, family law, juvenile, personal injury, bankruptcy and immigration.


Driving under the influence or commonly called DUI is a crime in the state of California if one operates a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content above .08. The first conviction for this type of crime is a misdemeanor. A conviction for a DUI can impact your life dramatically. This type of conviction appears on your permanent criminal record and carries signficiant financial consequences. Your drivers license can be suspended immediately and you could have difficulty reacquiring it in the future.

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None of the infor­ma­tion on this site con­sti­tutes legal advice. It is an ad for attor­ney ser­vices. The attor­neys at DeDecker & Meltzer are licensed attor­neys in the state of Cal­i­for­nia. The infor­ma­tion is intended to be gen­eral in nature as there are many laws and reg­u­la­tions not men­tioned on this site that may apply to your sit­u­a­tion.